Spam Terminator

Spam Terminator Guidelines and Methodology

Scammers and Spammer are attacking the web and finding more success than ever before. According to a Wall Street Journal article in 2019 the number of spam listings on Google Maps alone was approximately “11 million”, you can read a summary of that article on Search Engine Land here.

According to Statista, at its peak there were over 1.6 million phishing websites on the internet designed to steal your information, scape your session data, or download malware to your computer.

Our newest update, the Spam Terminator, seeks to give web users the ability to eliminate all of these spam websites and listings, or at least a considerable majority of them, with just one setting. That means eradicating millions of possible attack and scam vectors with just one free setting in your Ultimasaurus extension.

FAQ’s About Spam Terminator

Question: How do you determine what a spam website or business listing is?

Answer: Our editorial team evaluates these one by one examining websites for telltale signs of being a spammer such as a lack of authenticity, a phone number that redirects to a legitimate business, the business being located in one more residential spaces, and other known signs that a website and business listing are fake.

Question: Can I suggest a website or business listing for removal by the spam terminator?

Answer: Not at this time. We are examining ways to gather feedback like this from users for future enhancements.

Question: What if I purchase a website or business that is blocked by Spam Terminator, is there a way to get unblocked?

Answer: We scan all websites and business listings for changes that might indicate a change from being used for spam to being a legitimate business. When this happens we remove the block from the website or listing.

Question: What platforms does Spam Terminator work on?

Answer: Right now Spam Terminator works on Google, Google Maps, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. More platforms will be added soon.