Customize the Web, Remove Clutter, and Make Your Web Experience Better

Introducing Ultimasaurus, a simple and light-weight Chrome extension that allows you to use one-click customizations to make the web your own.

Remove clutter from social media websites, add features back to websites you use, remove big brands from search results, and make your surfing experience better.

This extension makes editing the web super easy with amazing one-click updates to manage webites you use every day!

Here Is How It Works

After you install the extension make sure you pin it to your toolbar. Once pinned click on the icon (the dinosaur footprint) then use the toggle switches in the menu to perform specific edits to major websites like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

So go ahead and install the extension today and start making the web your own.

This is an early release extension and it may have issues and bugs, though we have thoroughly tested it. We are actively developing it and urge caution with usage.