Ultimasaurus wants to give you the most powerful, simple to use, browser extension to quickly remove clutter from your web browsing experience and put you in control of what websites can show you. These are the current features.


  • Remove Amazon from Search Results – Do more business with small or local retailers by removing Amazon from your search results on Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo
  • Remove Twitter’s “What’s Happening” Section – The right sidebar of Twitter on desktop is constantly filled with tabloid-style stories that you can’t remove with the platform’s “mute” fuction. This removes the entire section from your view eliminating salacious news stories, overly political hashtags, and annoying things
  • Remove Pinterest from Your Image Search Results – Finding a great image or a meme template can be a painful experience, it gets even worse when image search results are polluted with Pinterest URLs
  • Add YouTube Dislike Counts Back to Videos – Understand how popular or unpopular a video is better with YouTube dislike counts added back to all videos on the platform