Expert Insights Guidelines and Methodology

Expert Insights Guidelines and Methodology

Our Expert Insights feature is designed to give you expert insights and advice that you may find missing while searching on the internet for something. The feature is in English only for now, though we do plan on expanding this to new languages in the future.

There are queries a user might type into a search engine like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo where our editorial team has discovered an important missing gap in the available information presented by the algorithm. When this happens we will source a snippet of text from one or more experts to ensure our users have that information up front.

Our example case for this is the keyword “buy reviews” on Google.

Buying reviews is largely illegal around the world now including in the USA and Europe. However, when a user searches for “buy reviews” on Google they are presented with either a site from which to purchase fake reviews OR blog posts making compelling arguments for doing so like this article by Jeff Bullas titled “7 Best Sites to Buy Google Reviews (5 star & Positive)” which compares websites where you can purchase fake reviews from but never mentions the potential legal ramifications or the potential consequences a platform like Google might levy against a user. An unsuspecting entrepreneur or small business owner might take this information omission as a sign that buying reviews is a valid marketing tactic with no downsides.

To alleviate this we insert an expert insight, in this case provided by the creator of Ultimasaurus, Joe Youngblood, warning searchers of the potential dangers omitted from the search content giving important added context a user can weigh before making a decision.

FAQ’s About Expert Insights

Question: How do you determine what keywords or pages to insert an expert insight on?

Answer: Our editorial team evaluates these one by one seeking out keywords where all or most search engines are missing context that you might find important.

Question: Can I suggest a keyword for Expert Insights?

Answer: Not at this time. We are examining ways to gather feedback like this from users for future enhancements. When we do allow this most likely we will integrate it within the extension itself as a feedback tool.

Question: How do you select an expert to obtain an Expert Insight snippet from?

Answer: We thoroughly vet experts to ensure they have the requisite expertise to give an informed, brief, snippet of information. All expert insights will include the name of the expert, their affiliation, and a brief mention of their expertise so you can determine how much weight the insight carries.

Question: Are these just your way of driving a political or social agenda?

Answer: Absolutely, and we cannot be more clear about this, not. No expert insights will be applied to social or political topics nor will any experts be sourced based on their political, religions, social justice, or other affiliation.

Question: Are these just a sneaky way to drive business to Joe’s marketing agency?

Answer: While Ultimasaurus is owned by a marketing agency, it is not our intent that this feature will ever be used in a way that generates profit for the company or encourage users to retain our services. The demo keyword that we showcased in our initial release was simply easy for us to integrate since it is a topic we are familiar with and our founder could provide insights on for testing.

Question: Is there a list of expert insights keywords and pages somewhere?

Answer: For now, no. However, in our Changelog for the time being we will record any new Expert Insights added to help you track updates to this feature.